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School districts are faced with a number of growing challenges. Schedule a 30 minute call with cofounder Lisa Kathman, M.S. CCC-SLP to see how SLP Toolkit can support the specific needs of your district.

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Recruitment & Retention

With growing caseload sizes and accompanying paperwork demands, districts face increased competition from other clinical settings due to SLP burnout in the school setting.

Consistent Documentation

Scattered and inconsistent therapy notes logged on paper and in binders make it impossible to effectively communicate proof of services and quality of treatment to parents.

Defensive Litigation

Without a consistent process for data collection, documentation of IEP present levels, and progress monitoring, you run the risk of being sued. Are your SLPs Endrew compliant?

District Packet

Comprehensive packet of the features included in SLP Toolkit and how school districts can benefit from using this software with all of their SLPs.

Testimonial – Little Elm ISD, Texas

Little Elm ISD Assistant Direcyor of Special Populations, Laurie Tobin, shares how the data collection in SLP Toolkit has helped their therapists make stronger programming decisions.

Testimonial – Light Street, Arizona

Amy Hill, Director of Clinical Support of Light Street Special Education Solutions, shares how SLP Toolkit helps their SLP/SLPA teams effectively communicate and how in genreal SLPs who use SLP Toolkit have a better work-life balance.